Music Monday

On the radio last week I heard a guy say our music taste stops evolving after we turn 30. The older we get, the less willing we are check out new artists, finding comfort, instead, in songs that remind us of the past. I get that.  Yesterday I heard Billy Paul’s hit, “Me And Mrs. Jones.” Just like that it was 1973, and I was a kid again, playing ball in the street on a summer evening.

Even though I never really learned to play an instrument, something I regret to this day, music has always been a part of who I am. There was a time (before kids and school tuition) when I bought new music every month. We’d go to the Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard and after an hour of browsing, we’d stack a dozen CDs by the register.  Jazz, Blues, Soul, Classical, Reggae…  We built quite a collection, most of which we still have today.

I’d like to think I’ll always keep growing, that I’ll always be open to new artists, new bands, new sounds.  With that in mind, I’d like to share this week’s pick. A song called “Molasses” from an Australian band called Hiatus Kaiyote. I love their soulful groove and intricate rhythms which change completely from one measure to the next.  I only have an audio recording here, but if you poke around on the internet, you can find a video of their live performance.

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