The Recipe


Is there really such a thing as a Mardi Gras dinner? There is now!  Here’s the recipe:

40 creative people (writers mostly, w/ a sprinkling of poets & music producers thrown in for good measure)

6 cases of Abita beer (all varieties)

30 bottles of wine

9 gallons of gumbo

1 pot of rice

3 types of collard greens

20 pulled pork sliders

bbq ribs

5 vegetarian dishes

1 dozen crab cakes

1 King Cake from Haydel’s Bakery in New Orleans

Assorted desserts (including but not limited to bread pudding, chocolate whiskey cake, blueberry pie, cheesecake & ice cream)

Assorted beads & masks

1 “shirmp” necklace

1 righteous New Orleans playlist

Combine ingredients for 4 hours and cross your fingers.

All we were missing was a parade.


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