In keeping with my vow to be more creative and incorporate beauty into my daily life, I thought I’d share the results of my persimmon experiment.  I was inspired by Peter Jacobson, who shared his dried persimmons with Nicole and me when we visited his Napa Valley farm last winter. This year, I bought a dozen persimmons the week before Thanksgiving, then called Nicole. As it turned out, she’d just bought some too and shared some helpful tips on peeling and drying them.  Peter grows a persimmon tree in his orchard, which means he can cut them with a little bit of each stem attached, which makes them easier to hang for drying.  I bought my persimmons on Clement street, sans stems, so I attached the strings to cup screws I picked up at the hardware store.  Here’s how my persimmons looked on the first day.


And here’s how they looked after a month of drying in a sunny window over an air vent. The flesh is dense and subtly sweet–perfect for slicing and eating with yogurt and granola, in salads, or by all by itself.



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