I’m back

. . .  Well THAT was certainly a long time without a post! I’ve been away so long, I almost forgot my password. Jeez!

My apologies for the extended radio silence; it’s been a busy few of months:  another round of novel revisions (March), college acceptances (April), final essays (not mine) that required lots of feedback, and a quick trip to Louisiana (May), one last round of copy edits and one high school graduation (June).  Please believe me when I say I’ve wanted to write; I’ve thought about what I’d like to share and even started a few posts . . . . But it’s been hard to write with so much going on.  Hell, it’s hard to think with so much going on.  In the end, though, that’s no excuse.  I’m a writer. And a writer writes, as they say.  Or, as a friend kindly reminded me earlier this afternoon, “March twenty-first was a long time ago.”

And just to give you some sense of how I’ve occasionally felt these last four months, here a little video for you.

Time to get busy. Here we go.


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