Handmade: Liberty Tool

So, I’ve been thinking about handmade things again.  I wish I could sew, knit, or sculpt, or even bake something more complicated than a batch of chocolate chip cookies, because I love the idea of working with my hands, taking the time to create something physical. Something that’s beautiful and brings pleasure while having a real, practical purpose. I’m not saying I don’t love writing–I do, more than anything–but there are days when I wish I had a complimentary skill, something to turn to when the words aren’t flowing and I need to step back. I think time must feel different when you’re working with your hands.  I think the guy who owns Liberty Tool is right when he says we’ve become a society of consumers, and that in an odd way, the secret to moving forward is looking back. Enjoy the video.

Oh, and in case you’re itching to buy an antique draw shave, here’s the Liberty Tool website.


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