A Well Dressed Man

What is it with me and men’s fashion?  First the Sartorialist  and now . . .  Is it the clean lines? The attention to texture and pattern? The allure of a beautifully tailored garment? I can’t really say.   All I know is there’s something appealing about a well-dressed man. The other day, I was at Trader Joe’s and noticed a guy–late-forties, early fifties–standing in the produce section.  His gray hair was freshly cropped and slightly gelled so it was a little spikey on top, his beard neatly trimmed. He wore black horn-rimmed spectacles, some kind of blazer if my memory serves me, jeans, and crisp white Jack Purcell’s.  He looked terrific: elegant with a bit of whimsy for good measure.  I passed him two or three more times in different aisles, and, but for fear that he’d think I was trying to hit on him, was tempted to tell him how great he looked. I’m not saying clothes always make the man, but sometimes, it doesn’t hurt.

Last fall, I stumbled upon a men’s fashion website called Street Etiquette, a their slideshow called “The Black Ivy.”  Yeah, yeah, the models were young enough to be my sons, but they were so stylish, I couldn’t help but play the video a couple times.  Plus, the soundtrack, an instrumental version of Angie Stone’s “I Wish I Didn’t Miss You,” is one of my all-time favorite songs.  I shared the video with my oldest daughter, and she was as taken with it as I.  She called last winter to say she met one of the Street Etiquette founders at the Brooklyn Museum.  “Mom, they were SO COOL!” Not long ago, I was in NYC visiting for family weekend and we went to the Brooklyn Flea.  Some young guys dressed exactly like the guys in the photo below had a booth where they sold vintage bow ties and oxfords.  They were adorable.  I considered asking if I could take their picture, but I knew my daughter would be horrified.

Anyway, here’s the link to the slideshow. Click the little scroll marks on either side of the first photograph to play. Be patient. It take a couple seconds to load.


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