Coming Soon

So, I was running errands in the neighborhood yesterday when I passed this sign.  This restaurant used to serve “Shabu-Shabu”–a sort of Japanese hot pot.  I had shabu-shaub years ago and remember it being quite delicious:  lots of thinly sliced meats and vegetables which cooked quickly when dipped in the boiling broth   I’d been meaning to try this place, but never got around to it.  Oh well . . .

Funny how the universe works. Just when I thought I’d recovered from my trip to Louisiana, sort of put it out of my mind till it’s time to go back again, I started seeing things here that reminded me of what I left behind. First, my local market started carrying genuine Louisiana crawfish.  Now it’s this new restaurant. So I’ll take it as a sign:  I can’t fight what’s meant to be.  When this place opens, you’d better believe I’ll be one of the first customers.  I can’t wait to talk to the owners, find out what inspired them to open a crawfish joint on a street otherwise known for its Burmese, Thai, French, and Chinese food.

And here’s something else I found amusing.  I’d just taken a picture of the sign and gotten back in my car when another guy walked up and took the exact same picture.  I knew why I was excited to see it, but what was his excuse?  I thought about asking him.

In the end, I decided not to.  If he’s half as excited as I am, he’ll probably be standing in back of me in line on opening day.


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