The Sartorialist

Yeah, yeah . . . I know I’m late to the game. People have known about Scott Schumann’s blog, The for years, but I just discovered it a few months ago.  It’s a beautiful site. Clean and simple, elegant and romantic.  I don’t have the time to read a lot of blogs, but I find myself checking this one every few days, not just to look at the fashion–which is fabulous–but because the photographs are so, so beautiful.  I was digging around in the blog’s archives and came across this video which shows Scott Schumann at work.  He says a lot of interesting things, but what I appreciated most were his comments about creativity and the way he works.  I love that he “let’s things happen,” and “falls in love” a little each day.  I see many similarities between what he’s doing on his blog, the way he thinks, and the way I feel about writing. It’s a immensely satisfying when you discover a way to be in the world, a way to make sense of what’s going on around you, whether that’s through music or writing or photography. Beauty and simplicity. That’s all you need.

Enjoy the video and by all means, check out The  You’ll be inspired.


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